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Rose Gold - Large Number 86cm

Rose Gold - Large Number 86cm

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This stunning balloon stands tall at 86cm, featuring a luxurious rose gold colour. Tied securely to a weight with a matching ribbon, it becomes a centrepiece of sophistication within your decor. Personalise your celebration by selecting the desired number for your Rose Gold balloon. For an extra touch of opulence and festivity, consider enhancing your order with three coloured latex balloons. This customisable feature allows you to create a dynamic and visually appealing balloon arrangement that complements your unique style and event theme.

The Rose Gold - Large Number 86cm balloon is perfect for birthdays, weddings, or any special occasion where you want to make a statement of refined elegance. Its substantial size and glamorous colour ensure it not only complements your decor but also adds an air of sophistication and celebration to the entire event. Order now and make your celebration unforgettable with the Rose Gold - Large Number 86cm balloon. Infuse your space with a touch of rose gold and create an atmosphere that radiates luxury and festivity.

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