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Loveable Llama 114cm helium filled

Loveable Llama 114cm helium filled

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The "Loveable Llama" balloon stands at a grand 114cm, filled with helium, designed to capture hearts and add a whimsical touch to any festivity, shaped like a charming llama adorned with colourful decorations evoking joy and celebration. Its white body boasts intricate patterns, a vibrant saddle with rainbow hues, and playful features on its face, including bright eyes and a gentle smile, creating an endearing and inviting expression.

Crafted from quality foil material, the balloon remains buoyant throughout your event, standing tall as a focal point of your decor, with a finish that emphasizes colourful details and subtle illustrations. Perfect for themed parties, children's events, or unique gifts, the Loveable Llama balloon is a conversation starter and a source of smiles, sure to stand out with its impressive size and delightful design.

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