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Ellie the Elephant helium filled 99cm foil balloon

Ellie the Elephant helium filled 99cm foil balloon

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The "Ellie the Elephant" helium-filled foil balloon is an enchanting addition to any event, sure to delight with its adorable design. This balloon stretches to 99cm, providing a substantial, cuddly presence at parties or as a special gift.

Crafted in the shape of a friendly elephant's face, Ellie features a soft, lilac hue with large, endearing ears highlighted by a gentle pink on the insides. The balloon's design includes a sweet, smiling expression and big, black eyes, radiating warmth and playfulness.

The foil material used for Ellie ensures longevity of float time when filled with helium, making it a durable delight that can last throughout lengthy celebrations. The finish is smooth and has a slight sheen that catches the light, adding a touch of magic to the room.

Ellie the Elephant is not just a balloon but a character that can bring a smile to any face, young or old. Whether used to decorate a child's birthday party, baby shower, or simply to brighten someone's day, Ellie's large size and charming design are sure to make a memorable impression.

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