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The Valentina Bouquet

The Valentina Bouquet

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Celebrate in style with The Valentina Bouquet, a colourful and dreamy ensemble that's sure to make any occasion extra special. This exquisite bouquet includes a variety of stunning balloons, each carefully chosen to create a magical atmosphere.

First and foremost, The Valentina Bouquet features a personalised touch with a large 86cm Personalised Number foil helium balloon, allowing you to showcase the age or significant number of your choice. Accompanying this is a striking Large 86cm Letter V foil helium balloon, adding a personalised element to the arrangement.

Adding to the enchantment is a Large 83cmx 73cm Magical Rainbow Unicorn Head balloon, bringing a whimsical and mystical vibe to the bouquet. Complementing this are a Large 86cm x 48cm Rainbow Balloon, a Personalised 45cm Heart Balloon, and a Personalised 45cm Satin Round Balloon, each adding their own unique charm to the mix.

No celebration is complete without a touch of magic, and The Valentina Bouquet delivers with a 45cm You're Magical Unicorn Heart foil helium balloon. Additionally, 15 28cm latex balloons with hifloat are included, tied to three separate weights with matching ribbons, ensuring a balanced and visually appealing display.

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