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Amazing Astronaut Bouquet

Amazing Astronaut Bouquet

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The Amazing Astronaut Bouquet features a large foil astronaut balloon paired with six vibrant latex balloons treated with hifloat, creating a colourful and energetic centrepiece for space-themed celebrations. 

Designed to elevate any party with its interstellar charm, this bouquet serves as the perfect focal point for birthdays, school events, or space-themed gatherings, captivating guests of all ages.

Crafted with attention to detail, each element of the bouquet contributes to its overall appeal, ensuring a lifelike portrayal of the astronaut and vibrant hues of the latex balloons.

With the use of hifloat, the balloons maintain their buoyancy throughout the event, prolonging the longevity of the party decor and transforming any space into a cosmic playground of imagination and wonder.

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